Italian language school in Italy

Description of our Italian language school and the city

Our Italian language school

The most important point to understand about our Italian language courses is the emphasis we place on personalized attention, which means that you are guaranteed a rewarding Italian-immersion experience in the classroom and through our comprehensive extra-curricular activities. Our school  was founded in 1999 and was one of the first Italian language schools in Southern Italy. It is small-scale and friendly school, staffed with experienced and qualified teachers.


Classrooms are provided with audio and video-didactic supports and with air-conditioning. There is a library where you can find every kind of book, essay, novel, dictionaries, Italian newspapers, and the most famous films from the Italian cinema.

Students at School Porta d’Oriente have free wi-fi Internet access.

Recognitions and accreditations

  • Our Italian language school cooperates with other European partners to create innovative programs and project in the field of linguistic learning. It takes part in the program called “Lingua”, a European network which cooperates with other institutions for the development of didactic materials and methods.
  • Our Italian school is officially recognized by the Universities for Foreigners of Perugia for Celi certificate (certifications of Italian as foreign language) and Dils-pg exam (for foreigners and Italian teachers who want to teach Italian). The certifications of Italian as foreign language are recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • It is also officially recognized by the Swedish CSN and German Bildungsuralub.
  • Our school is also in the database Erasmus-plus for the training of the Italian foreign teachers and offer a special Italian immersion program for teachers.
  • It is also accredited by Ca’ Foscari University in Venice as a Teacher Training Center for certifying teachers of Italian as foreign language.

Types of Italian immersion programs

We offer a variety of Italian language programs to suit all requirements. For example you can attend an Italian language course (Intensive Italian courses, Italian conversation courses or a individual Italian language courses) featuring a choice of intensities; or you can attend a Business Italian course, Italian for law, or a course about Italian art , about Italian literature or about Italian cinema. We organize also Italian courses for teachers, Cils certificate preparation course and CELI certificate preparation courses, courses about the regional and the Italian cooking and Italian language courses for children or Italian language courses for seniors.


3 reasons to choose our school

Our friendly, personal and attentive approach to learning Italian

We are a small, intimate institution with a big desire to inspire learning in relaxed, yet professional surroundings. Individual attention is assured at all times.

A true immersion in the language

Local population speaks very little English, meaning that students will encounter a true Italian immersion. 90% of Otranto’s tourists come from Northern Italy, further ensuring an English-free aural experience!

The town of Otranto, its surroundings and the climate.

This is a fact established in each of the last 10 years by virtue of Otranto’s winning first prize in this important environmental cleanliness category.

 The location:

The location of our Italian language school, in the historic and artistic seaside town of Otranto, is very conducive to the whole Italian learning experience.

Otranto listed among the “most beautiful small towns of Italy
Otranto is a beautiful historic and artistic town on the seaside at 50 km from the main city Lecce (the so called Florence of South of Italy for its artistic beauties). A bus and train service links Otranto to Lecce.

I Borghi più belli d’Italia” is an Association was founded in 2001 for the initiative of ANCI (the National Association of Italian Municipalities) with the aim of valorizing and promoting the great historic, artistic and cultural heritage of the Italian small centers.

It consists of 281 selected and certified Borghi, whose distinctive trait is beauty and which represent the concept of Made in Italy as an expression of the Italian excellence.

A “Borgo” (plural: “Borghi”) is a fascinating small Italian town, generally fortified and dating back to the period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. It usually rises around a Castle or a Noble palace and it is often surrounded by defensive walls and towers.

Whether Medieval or Renaissance, sea or mountain, rural or lake, all of our certified Borgos represent the best of Unknown Italy: a journey through art, history, artistic treasures, beautiful landscapes, traditions and savors, for a unique and memorable travel experience.

The “five flags prize” for the cleanest sea

Every year Otranto wins “the five flags” prize for the cleanest sea of Italy by “Legambiente” and “Touring Club” (Italian associations about environment and Tourism).

Unesco Recognition

Otranto won also in 2010 UNESCO recognition. Otranto is an important historic and artistic centre because it is rich in remains of the different populations that lived in the Mediterranean area.
Otranto is a small town (but in summer it reaches 80.000 inhabitans) placed at a short distance from the other touristic seaside resorts on the beautiful coast.
Otranto is a paradise for all nature lovers. It seems made just for the purpose of holding the interest of the traveller in search of new sensations and appealing to his imagination.
Very famous touristic place, Otranto offers several hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, banks. The town overlooks the beautiful beaches with white and fine sand and the clear water. Otranto offers the possibility to enjoy and to relax with its several pubs, open-air performances, discos.

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