Italian language courses in Italy: here you can find a list of Italian language courses. Read the starting date and prices of the Italian language courses.

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Learn Italian in homestay:
live and study with your teacher!

Learn%20Italian%20in%20homestay    The homestay accommodation is to be hosted by a family which provides bed and meals, of course you will also use common areas of the house. This type of arrangement has the advantage to welcome you in a warm and friendly atmosphere, which you insert in the middle of Italian culture and Italian way of life.

Advantages of homestay – 100% Italian style
   With italiahomestay you enter immediately into Italian way of life, you will be part of the typical Italian family, you live the customs and habits, and this will be an interesting and educational experience, which will enrich you on a personal level. Students share the lifestyle of the italiahomestay family , making breakfast, lunch, dinner, studying with them and participating in many activities.
   Italiahomestay makes it even more enjoyable, allowing the learning of Italian in real contexts. In addition, if you want to go out and play and attend excellent restaurants and pubs, who can advise you better than the family italiahomestay?

Homestay: 100% Italian language
   The family italiahomestay, all completely native, is very nice and friendly, it lives with enthusiasm periods of hospitality and it cannot wait to get involved in its everyday life and Maria will be your teacher to learn Italian, with courses that meet your every needs and requests!
   Living with a homestay family gives you the opportunity to put into practice immediately what you have learned, perfecting it outside, too.

You will have one to one or two-to-one lessons with your personal teacher. The study will concern also art, music, cooking, literature, history, traditions. Language is always culture!
- You will have a wide range of individually planned programme of activities (guided visits, the reading of books and magazines, the vision of italian DVDs and the listening to italian CDs).
- You will speak only Italian every day. The courses in homestay are specially designed to meet your individual needs and to maximize your progress. Living in your teacher's home gives you a total, in-depth experience of Italian culture, customs and lifestyle- a unique and invaluable aid to learning. 

A brief presentation of your teacher
Learn Italian in homestay

   Her name is Maria and she is a DITALS certified teacher of Italian for Foreigners.    She gained her degree in Italian Literature with the maximum score and, apart from Italian, she also speaks English, German and Chinese.    She is a friendly and dynamic person with many interests such as opera, going to the cinema, reading, going out with friends and going on excursions…

The house
   There are two options: you can either stay in the family apartment in the city, where there is a single room, sharing the apartment with the teacher and her family, and in a typical trullo set in a clifftop protected by Cultural Goods, in which there are three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of typical Apulian countryside. And it is possible to organize excursions and trips to enjoy the landscape of Puglia and be in contact with the native people.

The Town Villa Castelli
   Villa Castelli is a city in the province of Brindisi, on the border between Salento and Valle d’Itria.
   Its origins date back to the Middle Ages and you can trace its history to the present day, through the beauty of landscapes, monuments, exhibitions, archaeological sites and museums. Surrounded by the magnificent sea of Puglia, you can visit churches, parks, zoos, laboratories ceramics, the famous Trulli, the famous cities of the South (Ostuni, Martina, Grottaglie…).

Price: Please, contact the school.

Starting dates:
every monday

The price includes:
- 17 individual lessons per week
- Didactic materials for grammatical excercises
- Internet 24/24 hours with personal computer
- Private bedroom and bathroom and use of the kitchen (there is a full-equiped kitchen for private use)
- Tv and radio
- Breakfast; lunch or dinner with typical food and drinks
- Art, literary, scientific, historical books, cds, videos, magazines to consult.

Italian culture course (B1/B2/C1/C2 level) courses for teachers of Italian
Italian language course Programme Erasmus Plus for foreign teachers
SPECIAL COURSES corsi in classe di didattica dell'italiano a stranieri
Italian lessons via Skype corsi on-line di didattica dell'italiano a stranieri
Italian language courses in homestay  
Italian for law corsi di preparazione DITALS
(Certificazione di didattica dell'italiano a stranieri)
business Italian
Italian course of medicine and science corsi di preparazione CEDILS
(Certificazione di didattica dell'italiano a stranieri)
history of Italian art corsi di preparazione DILS-PG
(Certificazione di didattica dell'italiano a stranieri)
Italian literature course  
course about the Italian cinema ITALIAN LANGUAGE CERTIFICATIONS
Italian for the over 50/Italian for seniors preparation course for C.I.L.S. examination
Italian language course for theologians preparation course for C.E.L.I. examination
wines course Cils and Celi on-line preparation courses
cooking course  







  • Madeleine from Swiss Mi é piaciuto molto il mio soggiorno a Otranto, il tipo di scuola mi conviene perfettamente. Per quanto riguarda la qualità dell'insegnamento, l'ho trovata excellente. E importante per me, ringraziare le mie professoresse. Le loro competenze pedagogiche, la loro pazienza e il loro entusiasmo mi hanno permesso d'imparare velocemente…read more >>
  • Maryse et Sylvianne from Belgium Chère Barbara, Nous voici bien rentrées de vacances, un peu mélancoliques d'avoir dû abandonner l'Italie. Nous avons été enchantées des cours que tu nous a donnés et entretenons notre italien en lisant dans la langue: nous ne voulons pas perdre les bénéfices obtenus…read more >>
  • Cynthia from California italian language schoolDear Barbara: I am back in California and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful images on the CD you gave me. Thank you! The memories of those special places are etched onto my soul. Thanks again to you and Angelo for being so gracious and hospitable. I truly mean it when I say that we are friends…read more >>
  • Sylke from Germany ...ora e esattamente un anno fa, che io ho fatto un corso d'Italiano nella Scuola Porta d'Oriente. Nella questa settimana ho imperato molto di nuovo sulla regione e in Italiano. E per le conversazione nelle lezioni ho potuto pratticare la conoscenza nuova. Nella nostra regione si deve cercare a lungo per queste lezioni…read more >>
  • Annie from France ...Nostro gruppo ha avuto un'insegnante particolarmente competente che ha tenuto un corso tanto interessanto e vivo. Con la tua contribuzione entusiastica e grazie alle visite, ho possuto discoprire una regione tanto bella e particolare che non conoscevo, e la cultura affascinante della Grecia Salentina…read more >>
  • Anna from Sweden I have had a wonderful summer, I got to know a lot of new people and got a lot of new friends. I was staying two more weeks in Italy before I went home to Sweden, I went to St Benedetto del Tronto, Verona and Venezia, but I must say that I liked Otranto and Salento much much better. Thank you Barbara for everything. It has been the best summer in my life!read more >>
  • Lorenza from Austria ...É stato molto bello da voi; colma di ricordi, che adesso vanno raccontati e saranno ben conservati. Il vostro entusiasmo per la vostra terra, la possibilità di avvicinarsi e aprirsi di più a questa grazie alle vostre spiegazioni e gite, la cordialità della gente, la luce e il caldo - tutte esperienze bellissime…read more >>
  • Carla, David and family from Boston italian language school...the experience unforgettable for people of all ages. Attending the Scuola Porta d'Oriente is the opportunity of a lifetime and the school has my highest recommendation on all counts. If you travel the world, you will not find a more enchanting place or…read more >>
  • Tina and Lionel fron London italian language schoolLionel and I loved the school because:
    - They have a nice, professional, dynamic team and they are very flexible, they can adapt their lessons to your needs.
    - They are located in Otranto, it's a beautiful, very interesting and incredibly rich in history part of Italy…read more >>
  • Kitty from Singapore ...Vorrei ringraziarvi per tutto. Mi sono divertita ad Otranto. Veramente, é un paese bellissimo. Non dimentico mai come ospitale la gente locale lì... Anche mi sono piaciute tantissimo l'escursione organizzate da voi. Eravate così appassionati e le spiegazioni erano chiare e interessanti. Adesso, so un po' di piú dell'italia…read more >>


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