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Online Italian lessons via Skype

Online Italian course with a native tutor

Our Online Italian lessons via Skype are offered on an online e-learning platform, via Skype or Zoom. Our LIVE online Italian course grant you a real-time learning experience, price, flexibility of schedules, personalized lessons, faster progress.

Learning Italian online via Skype enables you to choose to have lessons whenever and wherever you want. You can study from your home or your office. The only thing you need is a good internet connection. Skype Italian classes are taught by qualified and experienced teachers who are native Italian speakers with ample teaching experience and have also undergone an training program in didactics of Italian language.

TRY IT NOW your free trial lesson!

Reserve your 30 minutes free trial lesson! In 30 minutes you can understand the quality of teaching of our tutors then you are free to decide if taking further lessons or not. There is no obligation!

Online Italian lessons via Skype in our virtual “Piazza Italia”

The Italian way! Discover our “virtual Italian square”: Piazza Italia

ITALIAN ONLINE LESSONS in our virtual “Piazza Italia”with a professional Italian teacher! Piazza Italia is a space where you can speak Italian, as if you were in an Italian square where there is a bar, a market and where you can meet people. Piazza Italia is a space where you can speak a natural Italian and where you can feel like you were in Italy. In Piazza Italia you will be surrounded by the smells, sounds, lifestyle and culture of Italy.

Learn Italian online
Online Italian lessons via Skype

In the Piazza Italia we can discuss everything: Italian society, culture, art, history, cinema and literature as Italian people do in a real piazza. All this and your errors corrected, your vocabulary expanded and your grammar improved.

Piazza Italia a “welcoming embrace”

The Italian square is the meeting place par excellence. It merges history, architecture, family, friends, a daily dimension of community and a sense of belonging.

In Piazza Italia there is always a BAR where people never drink only a coffee but always have a chat and talk about everything: society, politics, sports.

In Piazza Italia there is a CINEMA where you can meet to talk about Italian films; a THEATER where cultural meetings about literature and Italian cultural always take place;

If you wish to admire Italian art, you can take a stroll in the MUSEUM which is directly opposite the theater.

For the more sporty there is also a GYM where you can sign up if you need to practice grammar and vocabulary.

At the Wednesday MARKET then you can practice putting all your communication skills into play.

If you are hungry the RESTAURANT in “Piazza Italia” is always open and the chef is always available to talk to you about Italian gastronomy.

The evening is the most interesting time of the day. In “Piazza Italia” they always organize CONCERTS: here you can listen to the most beautiful songs of Italian music and discuss directly with the authors the themes of their songs, thus improving your conversation and vocabulary.

Without people (our students), the square is only a vast public space; but with the people, the square turns metaphorically into a “welcoming embrace” for anyone who crosses it. Voices and music are the protagonists of this urban living room and contribute to creating a joyful atmosphere. The square is for everyone and unites everyone under one ideal: to participate and enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer!

The Online Italian lessons via Skype can be offered on different subjects:

Dynamic & efficient method

Our classes are based on an extremely dynamic method that focuses mainly on speaking and listening activities in class while reading and writing tasks are given for homework. We keep students constantly challenged through a variety of activities and a well structured course. Our lessons are not simply “conversation classes with natives”. Each activity has a specific purpose and focuses on strengthening individual skills.

Taking online Italian classes via Skype is much more practical and less expensive than traditional classes. You can have your lessons at any time of day! In doing so, you will even be helping to protect the environment by avoiding unnecessary transport for you and your teacher.

Personalized content

The essential points of our teaching method are:

  • Dynamic listening, speaking; grammar and lexicon activities.
  • Attentive mistake correction.
  • Fully personalized lessons adapted to each student and focusing specifically on the goals that he or she needs to achieve, whether they be professional or personal.
  • We determine these goals directly with the students and proceed to give our teachers additional guidelines and indications to help them prepare their lessons.

As mentioned before, our teachers are native speakers who have been thoroughly trained to meet our high teaching standards. Classes are taught in a lively and energetic way. They are based primarily on improving our students’ speaking and listening skills. Grammar is always taught in a communicative way and reading and writing tasks are given as homework in between classes.
We have our own material for all levels.

Duration of each lesson: 60 minutes
Course start: just open your laptop and enjoy our Italian language lessons
Course duration: The course duration is up to you.

Students’ reviews

I took 1 week course with my online Italian teacher and it was a very rewarding experience:

1. Could identify my areas of improvement quickly and provide corresponding exercises.

2. Corrections were given at the end of the lesson, which I find is good, instead of at the time of mistakes being made. Also the explanations for my errors were very good for me to understand.

3. Well prepared for the next lesson, including correcting my writing.

4. I could learn not just the language but the more not-so-obvious things like Mafia and life.

5. Could recommend good literatures based on my skill level and interests.

6. Teaching with interests (passion), patience and smile.

Yasushi from Germany

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