Our teaching method

A communicative method in a relaxed atmosphere

The importance of finding a school with a good teaching method

If you want to do an Italian language holidays in Italy it is important for you to find an Italian language school where teachers adopt not traditional methods but modern methods based on the latest scientific research in the field of language learning.

And a disciple asked: tell us of teaching. And he said: nobody can reveal anything to you, except what already rests half-asleep in the roots of your own knowledge. The Master that walks with his disciples in the shade of the temple doesn’t lavish his knowledge, but rather his faith and his love. If he is really wise he doesn’t impose you to enter in the abode of his wisdom but drives you to the threshold of your mind. The astronomer can tell you about what he knows of space but he can not deliver his knowledge to you. The musician can sing you the rhythm that pervades creation but he can not give you his ear that halts that rhythm neither his voice that resounds it. The vision of a human being doesn’t lend its wings to another human being. And as each of you is alone in the conscience of God, so each one must be alone in his knowledge of God and in the knowledge of the world ”
Kahlil Gibran, The prophet, 1923

An Italian language holiday is an experience holiday outside the classroom

Learning outside the classroom can help teachers create enthusiasm for learning and provide a real-world context.
It is important to give students a real-world learning experience.
Places may refer to a location, activity or workshop. Some of our Italian lessons take place at the local market, in the shops, at the bar and at the beach also. Other lessons with a cultural purpose take place in the kitchen of the school or outside visiting an olive-oil mill or some ancient monuments like masseria, archeological sites, dolmen and menhir.
Our desire is to make your Italian language holidays as memorable as possible.

Learn Italian with an Italian student

A learning holiday in Italy is also outside the classroom. For this reason the school promotes linguistic exchanges with Italian speaking people in an informal context: you will speak Italian during meetings which can take place at the beach, at a restaurant or at a bar. Our students find this method very useful to improve their speaking skills.
Two people speaking different languages ( i.e.: an Italian and a foreigner) can work together to help to improve their knowledge of the foreign language while discovering some aspects of the partner’s culture.

How important are teaching methods (approaches) for ideal results in learning Italian?

A communicative approach

Our teaching staff consists of university-trained professionals with a solid experience in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language. Some teachers have worked abroad with students of very different nationalities and levels and have acquired a particular sensitivity to the specific demands of every participant. The service of reception and didactic orientation offered by the tutors is based on the didactic principles of the “project work”: upon their arrival the students will determine with the teachers the level of their linguistic knowledge. The teachers will help the students clarify their real purposes and they will plan together the stages of “the learning-project”.
On a basis of a standard program, the grammatical and conversational subjects can be decided and planned together with the students.

The personal atmosphere of our Italian language school

The main characteristic of the school is the personal and informal atmosphere and the helpfulness of the staff both during and outside the lessons. For this reason classes are small because we think this helps students to overcome shyness and encourages their involvement in the class. If you want to learn Italian in Italy in a small school you will enjoy all that.

The teaching material

The teaching material is produced by the teachers according to their long experience. Various authentic materials have been collected and are used during the course: video-cassettes, cd roms, newspaper articles, films, songs, literary texts.

The emphasis on the Italian and regional culture

Our school offers several cultural activities inside and outside the courses, included in the price (guided tour of Otranto, typical-products tasting, visit of an olive-oil mill, typical dance lesson etc.). For us it is important that students learn not only the language but also the culture.


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