The South coast

The most beautiful places of the South coast

The South coast of Otranto and Salento

The tour on the South coast of Otranto will allow you to admire isolated villages and breathtaking landscapes, intense blue bays and centuries of history.

The coast just South of Otranto is rocky, high and jagged with spectacular views over the Adriatic sea. Towards the end, along Castro Marina, there are some of the most interesting coastal caves of Puglia. Of these two are certainly worth a visit: the Grotta di Zinzulusa and that of Romanelli. Can also be found here the hot springs of Santa Cesarea Terme and some beautiful beaches located inside nice small bays.
During our guided tour we will make stops to admire spectacular landscapes such as:

  • Faro della Palascia si located on the high reefs south of Otranto. It is the eastern point of the all Italian territory and also the official demarcation point between the Adriatic and the Ionian sea.
  • The beach of Porto Badisco is enclosed in a beautiful bay with crystal clear sea and Mediterranean vegetation. Here, in 1970, was discovered a cave, then called ‘Dei Cervi’, containing important paintings made with bat guano and dating back to the Neolithic period, between the sixth and fifth centuries BC.
  • Continuing south, towards Santa Cesarea Terme, we will admire one of the most breathtaking bays on the coast, Porto Miggiano.

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