Cils, Celi and Plida on-line preparation courses

Prepare for your examination with our on-line courses!

Cils, Celi e Plida on-line courses

Our Italian language school offer also Cils Celi and Plida on-line courses.

Cils, Celi and Plida are the most widely-known Certifications of Italian as second language.
A lot of students look for the Cils, Celi and Plida tests of the previous examination sessions.
Our school offers the possibility to prepare the Cils, Celi and Plida examination on-line on our e-learning web-platform.

The on-line course for Cils, Celi and Plida exams for the different levels consists of:

  • simulation of the 2 examinations Cils or 2 examinations Celi. The test will be corrected by the teacher.
  • additional lessons: if during the on-line lessons the students show they have some problems with the Italian grammar or vocabulary the teacher will give the students additional lessons to solve these problems.

Each simulation of the Cils, Celi and Plida examination is composed of:

  • reading + comprehension tests
  • listening + comprehension tests
  • writing
  • test about the linguistic competence (grammar and vocabulary)
  • oral examination: the teacher will ask the students to speak about some subjects for a few minutes. The students have to register their voice and send the file to the teacher for the correction.
  • On-line learning for Cils and Celi course

The on-line Cils, Celi and Plida courses  will be offered online via a e-learning web-platform where course materials (in text and audio format) as well as exams will be posted and taken. In addition, the course will make use of chat rooms, videoconferences, email (for messages between students and instructors), and a discussion forum.

Students need only a microphone to register their voice but the new computers have already one.
Students can attend the course without time limits. They can connect whenever they want according to their daily engagements.
A teacher and a web expert will be at your disposal for any problem or particular request.

We offer also classroom lessons for Cils, Celi and Plida certificates.

Price: 255 euro
The price includes the 2 simulations of the Cils or Celi examination + additional lessons.
Students can buy also 1 simulation.
Starting dates: every day
Duration: average 2/3 weeks, according to your study rhythm

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