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Our Italian language school organizes adult Italian immersion classes in Italy. This is an Italian immersion experiential learning opportunity, providing adults with intensive Italian language and cultural learning in its natural context. Experience tangible results in your Italian speaking skills and cultural understanding while:

    • Attending small and intensive Italian classes differentiated by ability, so that you’re guaranteed to learn at your level
    • Gaining cultural understanding through living the real life of the town.
    • Exploring the beauty of Puglia while participaing to our guided tours and activities and visiting beaches in your free time

Why not combine a course learning Italian with sunshine, history, culture (and a bit of beach) in the beautiful Puglia (Apulia) region of Italy?

Our intensive Italian classes are just that, intense and super-relevant!

        • INTENSIVE because they are with native Italian speaking teachers specialized in second language acquisition and the class sizes are small.
        • RELEVANT because they are designed with your goals in mind and allow for many communicative opportunities to practice the Italian that you need to know!
          If you choose the Intensive Italian language course, 4 hours of Italian classes a day will strengthen and support the foundation of a rich immersion experience.
        • Our Italian language programs always have a direct link with external reality.  All individual external experiences provide material for the conversation in the Italian language classes, a systematic work according to the principles of the applied linguistics.

THE STRENGTHS of our Italian immersion classes in Italy are:

        • the Italian courses include some cultural and practical activities such as a lesson about the Apulian homemade pasta course (students will do 3 types of homemade pasta in the kitchen of the school) when in class we will discuss Apulian gastronomy; a demonstration, on the school’s terrace, of Apulian folk dance (the Pizzica, a type of tarantella) when it comes to the popular tradition of Tarantism. Other practical activities will be proposed during the lessons.
        • Being able to engage in conversation is key when speaking a new language. True mastery of the language comes when one has grasped vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar concepts, and linguistics.
          Conversation will be improved by debates, round table discussions and role-plays;
          You will learn how to sustain simple and also advanced conversation with natives.

General notes about all the Italian immersions classes:

        • All our Italian language classes in Italy start every 2 weeks.
        • Each course lasts for a minimum of 1/2 weeks up to a maximum of 12 months. Each level follows its own grammar and linguistic program.
        • Our Italian immersion programs are designed especially for adults and seniors.
        • All Italian courses are extendable for as many weeks as you wish.



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February10 - 24
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March9 - 23
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April6 - 20 - 27
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May4 - 11 - 18 - 25
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June8 - 15 - 22
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July6 - 13 - 20
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August3 - 17 - 31
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September7 - 14 - 21
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October5 - 12 - 19
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Type of CoursesDuration / Price
Intensive Italian language courses
20 lessons/week (4 lessons of grammar and conversation per day about Italian and regional culture through cinema, theatre, gastronomy, songs, fashion… )
1 week: 265 €
2 weeks: 535 €
3 weeks: 795 €
4 weeks: 985 €
Italian language courses for seniors
20 lessons/week (4 lessons of grammar and conversation per day about Italian and regional culture through cinema, theatre, gastronomy, songs, fashion… )
1 week: 265 €
2 weeks: 535 €
3 weeks: 795 €
4 weeks: 985 €
Italian culture courses
(B1/B2/C1/C2 level)
20 lessons/week / 4 lessons per day
1 week: 265 €
2 weeks: 535 €
3 weeks: 795 €
4 weeks: 985 €
Intensive-plus 1 course
25 lessons/week
4 lessons Intensive Course per day plus 1 individual lesson per day or in mini-group of 2 persons (grammar, conversation, culture)
1 week: 475 €
2 weeks: 885 €
3 weeks: 1.345 €
4 weeks: 1.635 €
Intensive-plus 2 course
30 lessons/week
4 lessons Intensive Course per day plus 2 individual lessons per day or in mini-group of 2 persons (grammar, conversation, culture)
1 week: 685 €
2 weeks: 1.285 €
3 weeks: 1.925 €
4 weeks: 2.455 €
Private tuition
Students can choose the No. of lessons
(The individual lessons are of 60 minutes) 1 lesson: 38 €
Two-to-one course
Students can choose the No. of lessons (group of 2 persons)
10 hours: 300 € per person
20 hours: 600 € per person
Italian language courses for children
15 hours/week
1 week: € 260
2 weeks: € 510
3 weeks: € 750
4 weeks: € 890
Italian lessons via Skype
Students can choose the No. of lessons (group of 2 persons)
5 hours 185,00 €
10 hours 350,00 €
Special courses
(25-30 lessons/week)
4 lessons of grammar/conversation per day + 1 or 2 individual lessons of Italian for special purposes
(Italian art courses; Italian literature course; medical Italian course; business Italian course; legal Italian course; courses about the Italian cinema)
25 lessons/week: 480 €
30 lessons/week: 720 €
Italian language courses for Italian teachers
25 lessons/week
1 week: 455 €
2 weeks: 905 €
Erasmus-plus program and scholarship for foreign teachersAll kinds of Italian language courses can be financed, contact the school for more information.
Cils, Celi and Plida preparation course
(Official Certificates of Italian Language for Foreigners)
25 lessons/week
1 week: 455 €
2 weeks: 905 €
Cils, Celi and Plida on-line preparation coursesDuration: average 15 days: 255 €
The price includes the 2 complete simulations of the Cils or Celi examination + the additional lessons.
Corso di didattica dell’italiano a stranieri
25 lessons/week
(Questo corso prepara anche a sostenere gli esami di certificazione di didattica di dell’italiano a stranieri come Ditals, Cedils e Dils-PG)
2 weeks: 690 €
Italian cooking course
1 or 2 afternoons/week
(Each course 3 hours; students can choose the No. of courses and weeks)
1 day/week: 95 €
2 days/week: 180 €
3 days/week: 275 €
Course on Italian and Apulian wine
2 meetings a week of 3 hours each. More meetings a week can be selected. The course is for individuals but courses for small groups can be organised on request.
For group course: contact the school.


The price of our Italian language courses in Italy includes:

  • The practical lessons about the culture (like the home-made pasta course; a demonstration of the typical dance of the region etc.) are included in the program of the courses with no extra fees.
  • Initial test and interview;
  • Touristical information brochures about the area;
  • Enrollment fee 70 € and includes also:
  • Course materials (book and photocopies on different subjects will be distributed, according to the program and to the participant’s needs);
  • The use of the multimedia and audio-visual supports (on request);
  • Extra-curricular cultural activities: the guided tour of Otranto;
  • Final certificate of attendance;
  • ON REQUEST: breakfast and dinners with the tutors, contacts with the personalities of the social, economic and cultural life of the town, weekly projections of the most famous Italian films, music, exchanges with Italian students to improve conversation.

Notes for all our Italian immersion classes in Italy

  • Students can choose additional weeks;
  • 1 lesson is 50 minutes;
  • If there should be only one participant for a certain course/level, the tuition cost will be converted to 2 h of one-to-one lesson. In the event that there will be only 2 or 3 students for a particular level, the number of hours will be reduced by 1 hour per day;
  • Lessons are usually held in the morning but in special cases they can be held in the afternoon.


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