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Legal Italian course in Italy

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The legal Italian course is for those students who have some knowledges in the field of law and who are interested in the language of law in Italian for professional reasons (legal/juridical translators) or for study. The course is also addressed to those who want to study in law faculties in Italy.

In particular, our Italian legal course has been attended for years by the translators and interpreters of the European Court of Justice.

You can take the Legal Italian course:

  • as a classroom course here in Otranto
  • as an on-line course

The program of our legal Italian course focuses on different areas of Italian law:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Roman Law
  • Civil Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Labor Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Public Law

Analysis of the Italian codes, texts (labor contracts, Italian-type contracts and laws on private contracting, sentences, administrative texts, tenders and several types of public deed, tax documents, terms and conditions, data processing documents, etc.) will provide students with the basic vocabulary and professional expressions.

Each legal system has its own legal terminology, which is closely related to the culture, values and laws of a nation. Therefore, it is important to find equivalent legal concepts between different legal systems.

The juridical course consists of the general language course (intensive course) + 1 or 2 individual hours per day of legal Italian. The teacher is a law professional (lawyer or legal expert).

The program of the Italian for law course can be personalized. Since the law field is extremely broad, students can plan in advance with the instructor a program focused on their needs, with a concentration on only some topics. In particular, if a student needs to increase his expertise in a specific area for professional reasons, we recommend that he inform us before arriving in order to give the instructor sufficient time to prepare a specific program with selected texts.

Classroom lessons

Starting dates: every 2 weeks
Duration: 1 or more weeks;
– 20 hours  of Italian intensive course + 5 hours in mini-groups or individual of Italian for law per week
– 20 hours of Italian intensive course + 10 hours in mini-groups or individual of Italian for law per week
Dates and Prices


On-line lessons:

Duration of each lesson: 60 minutes
Course start: just open your laptop and enjoy our Italian language lessons
Course duration: The course duration is up to you.
6 lessons: 198 euro
12 lessons: 385 euro
24 lessons: 770 euro

Porta d’Oriente | Italian Language School

Vico Madonna del Passo 6– 73028 Otranto – Lecce – Italy
0039 338 4562722

The school is officially recognized by:

università di perugiaUniversity for foreigners of Perugia for Celi and Dils-pg certicates
università germaniaGerman Federal Sates as eligible for Bildungsurlaub study leave
università venezia ca foscariUniversity for foreigners of Venice like training centre for Italian teachers
csn sveziaCSN (Swedish Board of Student Finance)
programma socrate comeniusThe school is present in the Erasmus + database

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